At FreshGround Roasting we want you to get your coffee as soon as possible after it’s roasted. We don’t keep inventory on our shelves and ship it to you when your order comes in. When you order coffee we guarantee that it’s been roasted within 24 hours of when you order it. The roast date is right there on the bag – check it out.

Why? Well… excellent question!

Simply, coffee beans have a limited shelf life once they are roasted. Ideally, you should only have 2 weeks of coffee on hand at any given time. After the 2 weeks they don’t have nearly the flavor of freshly roasted coffee. Incidentally, this is also why we put the roast date on every bag of coffee that we roast.

If we kept inventory around for, say, a week before shipping it to you, and it takes 3 days for the USPS to get it to you that’s 10 days into the freshness of the coffee! You’ve only got 4 days before we’re beyond our 2 week window. We love coffee and drink a lot of it, but even we can’t drink that much coffee in 4 days!

So we ship only the freshest roasted coffee so you get the absolute best coffee possible. You might want to take a look at our roastery hours when you place an order. If you order by noon on Monday, Wednesday or Friday we’ll roast your coffee that same day and get it out to you as fresh as possible.