Do you ever remember playing with those Aerobie flying rings as a kid? You’d give it a toss and make your friends chase after it for what seemed like miles…until eventually the ring went way too far and looped around a tree branch, much to your chagrin. (OK, maybe that last part only happened to me.)

So what do those flying rings have in common with a coffeemaker?

Both were created by inventor Alan Adler, owner and president of Aerobie, Inc. Aerobie produces top quality, high performance sport toys (some of which have set World Records), but he also branched out to create the Aeropress – a coffeemaker that brews smooth, flavorful coffee in about 1 minute.

Supposedly, the idea for the Aeropress started with a conversation over Adler’s dinner table when the question was posed, “What do you do when you want to brew just one cup of coffee?” Pourover methods were already popular, but Adler wanted to create a smoother, faster and less bitter brew. The longer the water saturated the grounds, the more bitter and acidic the coffee would be. Typical pourovers take about 4-5 minutes to brew. Adler’s Aeropress uses air pressure to shorten the amount of time that the water needs to be in contact with the grounds, creating a faster, less acidic and less bitter brew.

The Aeropress eventually gained popularity among coffee aficionados and amateurs alike. We love the incredibly smooth flavor, the quick brew time, and the easy cleanup. It’s the perfect way to brew a single cup of high quality coffee wherever you are – at home, in a hotel lobby or at the office. It also makes a great gift! Learn more and order your own by clicking here!

Information from this post gathered from “The Invention of the Aeropress.”