Coffee Tips - Rinse Your Filter

With most pour-over coffee, there’s a chance that you can get a papery taste. Particularly with natural filters. Bleached filters and drip coffee filters are far less likely to have this problem. A Chemex or a V60 pour over, however, can definitely get a paperty taste from the filter. This is particularly true when you’re using lighter, brightly flavored coffees like a Kenya or an Ethiopian.

It just takes a few minutes to do, but following this quick coffee brewing tip will definitely up your game. On a normal basis, I rinse my coffee filter in my Chemex with about 150-250ml of water or so. Just enough to get it soaked through. If I’m brewing in a V60, I might use a little less because the filter is thinner and smaller.

The added bonus of doing this is that you warm up the brewing vessel before you brew your coffee. This way, the hot coffee isn’t landing directly on an ice cold brewing vessel. It’s likely to stay warm and tasty for just a bit longer.