Does the coffee you drink make a difference?

Sorting Coffee in Soddo, Ethiopia

Sorting Coffee in Soddo, Ethiopia

Have you thought about who grows your coffee? Did you know that if you drink most kinds of specialty coffee it is likely NOT grown on a large plantation. Instead, your coffee is probably grown on a very small family farm. Most of these farms are around 1 acre and are managed by a single family. Each year they bring their crop to the local processing plant to be milled, processed and sold.

Many of the Ethiopian coffees that we roast come from Dominion Coffee Importers. Dominion is directly involved with the New Covenant Foundation (NCF). Both of these organizations are actively involved in transforming communities Ethiopia.

How does one transform a community?

The most important aspect of NCF’s outreach is raising leaders that can minister to their own communities. Through church planting, health and education initiatives and business training, NCF actively seeks to make the people in the communities that they reach self sustaining. Not only financially, but also spiritually, educationally and in many other ways. The goal is to make people self sufficient – not to give them a handout. On the coffee front, teaching improved organic and sustainable agricultural methods and helping to finance improved equipment are among only a few ways to grow community.

There’s much more to this – take some time to read more about what the New Covenant Foundation is doing. To help support the work in Ethiopia you can purchase our Ethiopian Yirgicheffe coffee. If you use the coupon code “Yirg2012” you’ll get $2 off a pound of coffee.