Coffee is our thing, we love it, we drink it, and we live it. This week we’re talking about our Ethiopian Harrar. So what makes it our Roaster’s Choice?

Our Ethiopian Harrar is one of our lighter roasts, even though it’s light, it doesn’t let you down! All of our Ethiopian coffees come from a relationship with the New Covenant Foundation (NCF). The New Covenant Foundation is a church planting and medical missions organization touching lives all over Ethiopia. NCF has projects including hospitals, medical facilities, water projects and other building projects that are changing communities and helping people in one of the world’s most popular coffee growing regions. One of the most interesting characteristics of Ethiopian coffee is that you know exactly what region it comes from because of its taste. Coffee grown in Harrar, Ethiopia has a bright and fruity, with an interesting blueberry note for days. FreshGround Ethiopian Harrar CoffeeThat’s not all that is unique about our local favorite.

Like most coffee in the region of Ethiopia, coffee is produced by a drying process also known as a natural process. Sounds cool, right? Not really sure what that means? No worries! Dry or natural process is when the coffee berries are picked (coffee berries? whaaa? come to our coffee class for knowledge) and put out on a raised table(s) or patio and left out in the Sun to dry, Once the outer layer has dried out, the green inside of the berry makes the ‘bean’ (which we are familiar with) is ready for another separation process and ultimately roasting.

Want more information about New Covenant Foundation? Check out this awesome video!

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Ethiopian Harrar Specifics

  • Producers: Small growers, bring to the processing plant for processing
  • Varietal: Heirloom
  • Harvest Season: Feb-June
  • Altitude: 1450 meters
  • Processed: Natural process at the Tb Sebeta processing facility near Dira Dawa
  • Brewing Notes: In a french press is one of our favorites for this coffee. Depending on the size of your press, start with about 14g of coffee (4 heaping Tbsp – 2 coffee scoops) per serving of coffee. Steep for 4 minutes in your press before pressing down the plunger.

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