We love our staff and all the things they do! This week we are introducing our new coffee roaster, Kara. Swing by and make sure you welcome her!
Kara’s got into coffee roasting ever since she had an interest in specialty coffee, and works with one of our local coffee shops, Tredwell Coffee. She wanted to see and better understand the process of making good coffee from start to finish.
Working in specialty coffee brings a lot of good coffee and her drink of choice is black- as long as it’s the good stuff. However, it changes with her mood, the weather, and time of day. Some of her favorites are:
-Anything good on filter
-Latte or flat white with oat milk
Her favorite coffee from FGR is definitely the Nicaragua El Limoncillo, which she’s a bit biased, because that’s the coffee that she roasted for the Golden Bean competition (and we won a medal for!) She also loves and always recommends our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.
One thing Kara would say about FGR is the care and attention to detail in roasting. She’s learning more and more that not all specialty coffee roasters are the same and that a pretty packaged retail bag doesn’t necessarily equal the best coffee.
Something Kara wants people to know about roasting is most people have seen the big burlap bags hanging around a coffee shop- that’s how coffee comes when it’s imported from it’s origin. Roasting coffee is the process of taking those green beans and using heat to turn them into the brown, good smelling coffee that you’re used to. And in our case, it’s taking time to look at every detail- temperature, flavor, etc. to get that coffee to taste it’s absolute best.