Logo and CandleAt FreshGround Roasting we’ve always worked hard to bring you the absolute finest in craft roasted coffee. We roast in small batches to meticulous standards so we can highlight the nuances and flavors in every bean.

It’s that commitment to bring out the very best that makes this announcement so exciting. Now, we’re bringing you the ultimate in small batch roasted coffee – Una Llama

Translated: One Flame

Una Llama is a line of coffees that brings quality to a whole new level. Each bean is individually roasted to perfection over a high quality beeswax flame by our dedicated una llama roasting professionals.

This roasting method brings a level of individuality, care and quality never before achieved in specialty coffee. Every flavorful nuance is lovingly coaxed out of each bean as it is individually roasted to perfection by a specially trained una-llama roasting expert.

We’ve spent hours working out this process through sometimes painful trial and error. The result is a level of quality you’ve never before experienced in coffee.

In addition to the love and concern we show each individual bean, we also care deeply for the materials we use. We source our beeswax within 40 feet of our roasting facility and each individual bee is shown the same care and concern we show our coffee beans.

Also, the tools we use in the entire una llama process down to the roasting utensils we use which are each directly sourced and sustainably produced.

We know you’ll love the care and quality that goes into each and every bean in our Una Llama line of coffees. They’re available today at FreshGroundRoast.com/Llama in twelve ounce bags and easy to use single serve k-cups.