Front Porch Coffee Blend

Sweet and smooth. Best enjoyed with friends

You may remember our Market Blend.

It was a mix of several Central American coffees that was a big hit and made a great coffee in lots of different brew methods. We took that as our inspiration for Front Porch.

We wanted something that was smooth and easy to drink. It should have a mild sweetness and not too much craziness going on in the cup. After all, when you’re enjoying coffee with friends, you want to focus on your friends, and coffee should be the catalyst for that conversation – not the conversation piece itself.

That’s what Front Porch is – a coffee that goes great after dinner, with pumpkin pie or on a cool weekend morning.

Simple, sweet, great coffee.

Now through November 15th, use the discount code “FrontPorch15” and get free shipping on your order of our Front Porch Coffee Blend.

Front Porch Coffee Blend
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