Translation: “Now Walk About”Na Wokabaut

A hop, skip and a jump across the shining sea, there’s a place called Papua New Guinea, where grows some of the best coffee in the world. Specifically, in the Waghi Valley. This is where we meet Dr. Larry and Aarlie Hull who are involved with the Madan Estate Coffee Plantation where we get our PNG coffee. Through the wonderful invention of the internet, I was able to talk to Mrs. Hull and ask her a few questions.

When was Na Wokabaut founded and how did you go about starting it?  We founded Na Wokabaut in 2006 when it was registered with the US gov’t as a 501 (3) ( c ) tax exempt organization

What challenges did you face starting this project?  Legal challenges getting the exemption from the government … we had to hire a lawyer to guide us through the filings.

What milestones have you passed in the last few months?  Our plantation once again passed the audit to be certified Rainforest Alliance … our clinic/birthing center has again surpassed 10,000 patient visits  and we continue to immunize 5000+ children – the books we distributed last year are being used (as verified by visits from Aarlie) … and libraries are being built to house the books … lots of interest in books.  We will be sending another container of 75,000+ books in 2013 and distributing them only to the schools who care enough to provide shelves and space .

What current project are you and your husband working on?  Dr. Larry is working on a major water project that will provide clean drinking water to 10 – 15,000 people.  The funding is being considered and we are optimistic.  Also, we will be building a Learning Center for women and young children .. this will be located near the Medical Clinic/Birthing Center

I can see you are working with a library there. What can you tell me about that?  We give books to libraries who ask … and also to schools.  We will have a community library at the new Learning Center to be built in 2013

“Located on the Madan Coffee and Tea Plantation, the Madan Clinic serves the 300 plus plantation workers as well as approximately 5,000 people living in the communities around the plantation. In 2008 the Clinic logged over 10,000 patient visits. The clinic prioritizes the health of women and children emphasizing antenatal care and immunizations for the children. In 2008, the nurses at Madan Health clinic vaccinated over 3000 children.” -Na Wokabaut Website

Thanks to Dr. and Mrs. Hull! The Hulls are just one of the families we are so fortunate to work with in this new adventure. Each coffee has a story behind it, a ministry and a family. It ties us all together in amazing ways.