This month, we’re excited to announce a new, limited coffee to our lineup – El Salvador Calera White Honey Process. We’ve been enjoying honey process coffees from Costa Rica lately and we’re excited to have this coffee from El Salvador to compare!

The farm– Calera Coffee – is owned by Mario Valiente and his brother Samuel. They depend heavily on their lead agronomist/cupper/all-around-rock-star Rodrigo to handle many of the production aspects on the farm. In the photo below, you can see Rodrigo on the left and Samuel Valiente on the right:

Calera Coffee is very involved in their community. The farm employs up to 120 people during the harvest season. They also donated land and built a school for the community. They also provide land for area workers to grow their own food crops including corn, beans, and vegetables.

About this Coffee

If you’ve been to one of our coffee brewing classes, you’re probably familiar with washed process coffees and natural process coffees. The honey process falls somewhere in the middle. A certain portion of the pulp is left on the coffee bean while it dries out. In a white honey process, only a very small amount of pulp is left on. As it dries, the bean takes on a lighter color resulting in the “white” name in the process.

The Cup:

The El Salvador Calera is medium bodied coffee with notes of apricot and peach and a smooth, creamy finish. We love brewing this in an Aeropress or in a french press. It’s smooth and silky with notes of molasses and very sweet. If you normally take sugar in your coffee, you owe it to yourself to try this without. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The Details:

  • Region: Northern El Salvador near “El Trifinio” where Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador share borders.
  • Varietal: Bourbon
  • Processing: White honey process
  • Farmer: Samuel and Rodrigo Valiente