Midnight Realm

Coffee for artists by artists

Midnight Realm is the ultimate potion to awaken and fuel a creative spirit, with its complex allure of dark caramel brightened up by citrus.

We’re more than excited to partner with the good folks over at CG Cookie to bring you Midnight Realm coffee. Midnight realm is more than just a coffee. It’s a fuel for your late night artistic endeavors. It’s the potion that satisfies the muse. It’s what you need to power that creative spark.

Better yet, the fine folks at CG Cookie are donating $5 from each bag of Midnight Realm Coffee to the arts foundation of your choice. Kaneland Arts Initiative or the International Child Art Foundation.

Buy it Just for the Bag

You know that a bunch of artists doing a coffee are going to have an awesome bag design. We’re thrilled about the design that CG Cookie’s illustration wizard Tim Von Rueden did for this release.

The concept is to display that hyperconductive state that artists reach where time is condensed and you create the work of a lifetime. With coffee in hand, of course.

Did we mention that CG Cookie does art tutorials? So of course, this design became a tutorial on how to create a coffee bag design.

The Midnight Realm Coffee FAQ

What’s the Midnight Realm Coffee flavor profile?

It’s a medium-light roast coffee with a bright, flavorful acidity and a smooth, even finish. You’ll love it. Trust us.

What is the recommended preparation method?

Although it will be fantastic any way you prepare it, to really enjoy the bright, clean flavors of Midnight Realm, we recommend a pour over brewing method such as a Chemex Coffeemaker for this particular coffee.

Will a real monster come out of the coffee and assist me with my artwork?

Though this does happen on occasion, we cannot guarantee a monster in each cup of Midnight Realm due to the Monster Labor Union’s restrictions.

What if I’m not an artist?

Says who? Brew yourself a cup of Midnight Realm, grab a paper and crayons, and let the inspirational potion work its magic.

Do I have to drink it at midnight?

(Disclaimer: It’s always midnight somewhere. And we find that to be a comforting thought.)

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