Some of you remember the Mexico Oaxaca coffee we had a while ago. The reason we no longer have it is a fungus called la roya – coffee rust.

What Is La Roya?Hemileia_vastatrix_-_coffee_leaf_rust

La roya is a fungus, better known as coffee rust, that has spread all around Central America over the last year or so. It eats away the leaves of the coffee plant and prevents the plant from flowering and producing cherries. The coffee cherry is what we harvest to get the seeds inside – the coffee bean. No cherry means no bean means no crop.

Many coffee farming families in Central America have lost a huge portion of their crop – if not all of it. Mexico is no different.

Most of the coffee plants that are affected by coffee rust have to be destroyed. It is possible to use pesticides to eliminate some of it, but pesticides are expensive and most farmers can’t afford them or choose not to use them.

The Good News

FreshGround chooses to work with organizations around the world that are involved long term in communities. One of those organizations is Growers First. Through a relationship with Vournas Coffee Trading, we have been purchasing coffee from Mexico and Honduras that helps Growers First provide education, financing, and other forms of community help in these areas.

The Fix? 1000Trees.Coffee

It takes 1000 coffee trees for one coffee farming family to be sustainable over the next 20 years. Growers First is looking to help 250 families. That’s a lot of coffee trees – 250,000 to be exact. Each tree costs $1.

That’s where you come in – FreshGround Roasting would like to help 1 family by planting 1000 trees in Mexico. That means $1000. You can help. Simply by purchasing a tree on our web site or by going to and making a donation you can help serve the farmers in Oaxaca, Mexico. The best part is in 3-5 years we’ll see some more great coffee coming out of that region.