Ladislao Solano is married to Matia, has 4 children and lives in Oaxaca Mexico. Eight years ago he was one of the poorest farmers in his remote village of San Miguel. To get his crop to market, he had to go through the local “coyote” loan shark who gave him next to nothing for his crop.

Growers First was able to help Lao yield a higher quality crop and get a better price. Through their micro-credit loans, Lao expanded his farm. He is now the leader of his co-op and an inspiration to farmers in the community.

Last year, Lao sold his crop for $10,693, a 500% increase in his income since 2006. Which keeps his wife, Matia, happy and making plenty of her special rattlesnake tamales. They go perfect with coffee.

We’re excited to be offering Ladislao’s coffee at FreshGround Roasting. It’s a medium-dark roast with a very smooth body. You can taste hints of chocolate and peanut butter. If you use a drip coffee maker for your morning brew, this is an excellent choice.

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