Some of our customers who know the coffee scene in the western suburbs of Chicago might be surprised at this month’s Roaster’s Choice coffee. It’s definitely an unusual selection. Are we roasting coffee from our “competition”?

To a certain extent, that might be true. However, I’ve found that specialty coffee professionals focused on direct trade, promoting and improving specialty coffee and benefiting coffee growing communities are also deeply concerned about working together. They’re less concerned with competing against each other. Until there’s no more big red cans on the grocery store shelf, we still have work to do.

As a result, more than our interest in roasting this particular coffee, we want to tell you a little bit more about another local specialty coffee roaster whose mission and values aligns with what FreshGround been all about since the beginning.

Endiro Coffee in Aurora

Endiro Coffee in AuroraIf you’ve been to Endiro Coffee in Aurora, you’ve likely met up with Cody and his team. Endiro is a friendly, warm little shop in the heart of downtown Aurora serving up freshly roasted coffee and great food as well. But their Aurora location is only a very small part of what Endiro does. There are five more cafe locations and all of them are located in Uganda.

In Uganda, in addition to five cafes, Endiro works with a network of about 2000 farmers, most of whom are women. They provide mentoring, training, equipment and infrastructure needed to increase crop yields and coffee quality. Endiro is one of the few coffee companies we know that are this deeply involved in every step of coffee production. They truly work very directly with everyone from the farm all the way to the cafe. 

Specifically, Endiro Coffee’s vision is to “end child vulnerability globally through coffee”. That’s a huge statement! We’d encourage you to read more about their mission and how they’re working to accomplish this. 

The Bukalasi Landslide

In October of 2018, Cody and the folks at Endiro got news about a devastating landslide in Bukalasi, Uganda. Not only did this landslide destroy multiple homes and a school, but 12 farmers that work directly with Endiro were killed. These were farmers and friends of Cody and his team. This was a huge hit emotionally, relationally, and financially to the folks at Endiro and to the farmers and families in the Bukalasi area.

FreshGround and several other coffee roasters in the area are doing what we can to help. The most obvious way is purchasing coffee from Endiro that helps support the Bukalasi community directly. That’s why we’re roasting this coffee this month and sharing it with you. Cody has generously made this coffee available to us and we’re excited to share it with you as our Roaster’s Choice coffee for January.

Secondly we’re helping by getting the word out to our friends about what is happening in these areas and how you can help. Read more about what Endiro Coffee is doing in Uganda. And, if you’re interested, give to help the landslide relief directly.

About The Coffee

We’re roasting this Ugandan coffee to a medium-dark profile. Similar to our Sumatra coffee. It’s bold yet not overwhelming. The perfect cup of coffee to warm you on a cool (read: freezing) Chicago January morning.

  • Country: Uganda
  • Region: Bududa
  • Co-op: Bukalasi
  • Process: Fully Washed
  • Tasting Notes: allspice, full body, dried cherries.
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