May is all about Panama. More specifically, our Panama Boquete coffee.

A little bit of history for this delightful coffee. The Panama Boquete starts high up in the cool, natural shade canopy of the Boquete mountains. From there the family run farm, named Casa Ruiz, employs 74 workers on the off season and up to 900 during their harvest.

Casa Ruiz uses a combination of both traditional and modern growing methods, that provides eco-friendly techniques for a superior crop while maintaining a healthy natural environment for future generations. Coffee plants take a lot of care so Casa Ruiz provides natural shade trees for shade cover for the coffee plants. This trees also offer food and shelter for migratory and resident bird species, and the mineral rich volcanic soil supports the needs of many different specialty varietals.

Along with great coffee, Casa Ruiz also supports social sustainability and empowerment initiatives, including local literacy and professional development programs, the teaching of technical aspects of organic farming, coffee industry education and even barista training. The current managers of Casa Ruiz, brother and sister Plinio and Maria also helped build a model program to help the indigenous Ngäbe people obtain certification for coffee grown on their land; in fact over three hundred independent, small-scale family farms partner with Casa Ruiz to process and market their coffee.

This coffee’s tasting notes has a sweet, syrupy body, with orange and chocolate notes. When it’s roasted, the coffee blend is a medium roast and is phenomenal.

Sarah Sill

Sarah Sill

Sarah is the Administrative Assistant and Marketing guru at FreshGround Roasting. Sarah where she talks about coffee, brewing methods, customer questions, and other awesome coffee related stuff!