Ah… ’tis the season! Both to give and to receive.

We’ve all been thinking about gift giving lately. Whether we’re shopping on Black Friday or browsing around online on Cyber Monday or making our list. My kids have lists that are sometimes 5 or 6 pages long.

Giving the right gift to teachers, choir directors, coaches and other acquaintances is a bit of a trick as well. You want it to be thoughtful, but affordable. Usable and not cheap. There’s a balance that sometimes is difficult to achieve.

My sister taught fourth grade for a while. I asked her about her teacher gift experience:

“In my tenure as a teacher I have received some pretty incredible gifts, but also some ridiculous gifts. The latter proved to be very amusing. I once received a full size bundt cake but upon opening it, I discovered it was actually a candle. What in the world would I do with a full size bundt cake candle?! Not to mention, how long would it have to burn until it was finished….a decade?

Among other gifts I received were various ornaments, knick knacks, picture frames, homemade cookies that were usually smashed to bits upon presentation, and the inevitable plant that would fill up the backseat of my car. Although these were sincere tokens of appreciation, sadly and truthfully, they were often re-gifted as white elephant gifts, given to the Goodwill, or eventually placed in the “circular file.”

The best gifts were gift certificates that would fit in my little wallet or gourmet food items that I wouldn’t necessarily buy for myself, but love to sample. Teas, coffee, cheeses, olive oil and the like were wonderful gifts!”

We’d like to help fix this problem! We have some great gift boxes in several price ranges. All of them include some decadent chocolate covered espresso beans as a treat. You can get a simple pound of coffee, or a sample pack, or help someone upgrade their coffee by getting them a bag of our freshly roasted coffee and a Chemex

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