What is the Prismo?

Fellow Products is one of the leading creators of coffee gear for coffee brewing nerds like you and me. They have some amazing kettles (beautiful!) as well as some pour over brewers and more. But the thing we’re most excited about today is the Prismo for Aeropress. Prismo helps you brew espresso using your Aeropress, quickly and easily and without a huge equipment investment.

Check out the Prismo How-To Video

Espresso from Your Aeropress

Using the Prismo for AeropressEspresso is a journey. You can spend just a little bit or you can spend a whole crap-ton of cash on a home espresso setup. How much you want to spend depends totally on how fussy you are about your espresso. For the money, I’m convinced that there’s no better and easier way to brew consistently great espresso at home than with the Prismo and an Aeropress.

We’ve long sung the praises of the Aeropress both at home and when you’re traveling. We think it’s a great way to make fantastic coffee. The Prismo addition to the Aeropress makes it an even more versatile product. 

Simple to Use

The Prismo is as simple to use as an Aeropress is. Ultra-fine ground coffee (read: espresso grind), a little water, and then push down on the Aeropress plunger. That’s it.

Clean up is a breeze with the Prismo as well. Just push the used coffee puck into the garbage, rinse the prismo and the reusable filter and you’re good to go. Using the Prismo for Aeropress is just as easy as using the Aeropress itself.

Pros and Cons of the Prismo

I love the Prismo for several reasons: First, it’s super easy to use and clean up. It’s also very inexpensive compared to the cost of other espresso equipment. It also makes amazingly consistent espresso drinks time and time again. And, because it works with the Aeropress, it’s super easy to take with you on the road (check out my uber cool ammo box Aeropress travel kit in the video!).

On the down side, it does use a metal filter which does allow a little bit of fines to filter through to the espresso. I didn’t find this a problem at all when I used it and compared to the amount of fines in a french press, it’s minimal.

Also, cleaning the mesh filter was a touch more involved than just disposing of the paper filters from the Aeropress. That being said, I’m not complaining about not having to carry around paper filters when I travel with my Aeropress.


All in all, the Prismo is an amazing little add on to the Aeropress. If you enjoy espresso beverages and are not about to spend the, potentially, thousands of dollars on home espresso equipment, the Prismo for Aeropress is a worthy investment.