Here’s a quick video where Eric explains what the difference is between a burr coffee grinder and a blade coffee grinder and which one is better. Of course, it’s always better to grind your coffee fresh right before you brew it so either of these grinders will work great. But if you’re trying to make a decision about one or the other, here are some important thoughts to consider.

Looking for a Grinder?

If you’re looking for a grinder, here are 2 that we would highly recommend. The Baratza line of grinders start with the Encore and move up through the Preciso and Vario W. If you’re planning on doing any espresso, we would recommend you start with the Baratza Preciso. That will give you the ability to do just about anything from espress through french press. If your goal is simply pour overs, the Baratza Virtuosso is a great way to start.

As an entry level grinder, the Hario Skerton is a great way to get started with a good quality burr grinder. It’s particularly good if you travel a lot and want to take great coffee with you. It’s also fantastic for college students or people that might only be brewing one cup of coffee at a time. We’ve heard of people keeping a Hario Skerton with them at the office so they can brew coffee right at their desk as well! Say “No!” to bad office coffee.