sette-270-isolftBaratza has way outdone themselves this time with a fantastic new grinder series called the Sette. Pronounced “se-TAY”, it’s meant to replace the existing Precisio grinders in their home grinder lineup. There are currently 2 versions of this grinder on the market – the Sette 270 which is a time based grinder, and the Sette 270W which grinds by weight.

New Innovations and Features

In addition to the absolutely stunning visual design of the Sette grinders, there are some very interesting innovations here. First of all, the grind path is straight through from top to bottom. This is huge because you will not longer be clogging up a chute with grounds. You also won’t have any left over grounds in the grinder between portions. It’s promising to reduce the buildup of static as the coffee comes out of the grinder.

An interesting new feature as well is the forks that hold the grounds bin. They can be very easily readjusted to hold the included bin, an espresso portafilter, or a pour over cone like a Hario V60 or similar. You can grind right into the pour over cone instead of pouring out of another bin into your brewing apparatus.

The grind adjustment also offers a stepped coarse adjustment and a stepless micro adjustment for infinite control over your grind. This is a huge benefit for home espresso enthusiasts. It gives you the ability to dial in your grind exactly the way it should be just like more expensive espresso grinders from companies like Mazzer and Compak.

Weight vs. Time

Baratza has placed themselves ahead of the game as an innovator in the weight based grinding since the advent of the Vario-W and the Esatto Scale Accessory. This method of grinding is much more accurate than time based grinding and it doesn’t change when you change the finenessĀ of the grind.

With the Sette 270W, Baratza worked with scale manufacturer Acaia to implement their awesome scale technology directly into the Sette 270W grinder. Not only is the built in scale fantastically accurate and responsive, it also integrates with Acaia’s smart phone applications via Bluetooth. You can monitor and log your brews right from your phone and make adjustments to the grinder settings without having to wade through a bunch of menu options on the grinder front panel.

We’re super excited about the new Baratza Sette 270 and 270W to ship. Currently, we’re hearing June or July of this year. Several test machines have made it out to various vendors and retail machines should be available on the market very soon.