Imagine this scenario…

You spend hours, maybe days or even weeks preparing for a huge Thanksgiving celebration with family and friends. The day finally arrives to enjoy a perfectly cooked turkey, savory stuffing and buttery mashed potatoes. Everything is done to perfection.

Dessert rolls around. Time to break out those decadent pies – and along with the pies? Coffee.

Don’t end the meal on a bad cup. Why not craft that after-dinner coffee as carefully as you made the entire meal?

FreshGround Roasting coffee is freshly roasted from high quality beans to ensure you serve your friends and family the best cup possible. Better yet, why not brew that after-dinner coffee in a Chemex or French Press? Your guests will be impressed not only by the full flavor from each of these methods but also by their beautiful design.

Check out our current coffee offerings as well as brewing methods fit for entertaining. The Chemex brewer comes in sizes that are 6, 8 or 10 cups and the stainless steel French Press is available in sizes from 8oz to 36oz, making it easy and stylish to brew great coffee for family and friends.

Don’t overlook the coffee this holiday season. Have a great meal from the first bite to the last drop.

Need some brewing tips? Click here for a Chemex brewing tutorial and here for a French Press tutorial.