We’re continually fascinated with the awesome recipes and drinks our customers make with our Black Ice Brew cold brewed coffee. The Sugar Path in downtown Geneva, Il has put together an entire menu of iced coffee drinks based on our Black Ice Brew that you absolutely have to try.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Michelle at The Sugar Path and taste a few of these fantastic creations that they’ve come up with.

No, my job doesn’t suck.

Next time you’re downtown Geneva, you need to stop at The Sugar Path and enjoy some of these fantastic drinks that pair so well with their pies and drinks. Here are the drinks in the video for your reference:

The Bluebird – Their signature drink made with our Black Ice Brew coffee concentrate, half and half, vanilla and Ghirardelli Chocolate.

Coconut Cream Pie – Coconut milk, Black Ice Brew, topped with whipped cream. You need to try this next to a side of their awesome coconut cream pie!

Wedding Cake – based off of their extensive experience creating top notch wedding cakes, this fantastic drink made with our Black Ice Brew, vanilla, milk and topped with a little bit of cream is like a honeymoon in a cup. Seriously, I just said that.

What’s your favorite Black Ice Brew concoction? Share it below or on social media and tag @FGRoast #BlackIceBrew

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