Flat White Espresso DrinkJoin us every other Tuesday for our special video series, “Know Your Coffee Drinks.” We feature a new coffee drink so you can discover and learn more from FreshGround’s very own Eric! Today we are covering the Flat White!

Did you ever walk into a specialty coffee shop and look at all those menu options and have no idea what you were gonna get? Well, we’re gonna clear up some of that stuff for you.

The flat white is a fantastic drink that’s popular in Australia and New Zealand. In fact, they kinda fight back and forth about who originated the flat white.

A flat white is a double shot of espresso with steamed milk but no foam on there. That’s why it’s called a flat white. It’s served in a five ounce glass, and it’s got some fantastic milky sweetness from that steamed milk, and a nice, sweet shot of espresso.

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