Office coffee is notorious for being really, really bad coffee. Just recently, the National Coffee Association (NCA) did a survey and found that 44% of employees were less than “very satisfied” with their office coffee.

I was working through some numbers with a typical office customer. In this particular office, there are about 10-20 people, a low end coffee system and big red containers of cheap coffee they would buy at the office supply store. We had installed an office coffee system  and were delivering awesome coffee beans weekly basis.

Bad Office Coffee

Does your office coffee look like this? We can fix that.

The “bean counters” (get it…. bean…. coffee….) saw the invoices and showed some concern about what was being spent on coffee.

We won’t ever claim to be the cheapest coffee in town. If cheap is what you’re looking for, we are not a good match for your office. But if you want to give your employees a little bonus, there’s no better way to do it than great coffee.

Cost Comparison of Office Coffee

Let’s continue to consider this particular office we were working with.

From our experience, a small office of, say, 10-20 employees with customers visiting will go through about 6 pounds of coffee a week. As of this writing, our coffee will cost them approximately $58.

The same amount of whole bean, mid-range coffee purchased at a big warehouse store currently costs $38.99. Remember, we’re not scraping the bottom of the barrel here. That big red plastic container is always going to cost less and taste worse.

As you can see, the cost difference here is less than $20 a week.

[tweetthis]If you want to give your employees a little bonus, there’s no better way to do it than great #coffee.[/tweetthis]

What other perk (again with the puns) could you offer all of your employees that only costs you $20 a week? That’s less than the cost of a cheap pizza lunch for your team. Plus, consider what your customers think when you serve them that great cup of coffee versus apologizing for the swill you just poured.

I Just Use a Keurig for my Office Coffee

Even better! There’s a cost savings for you!

Look at that same 20 person office. Statistically, that means that 10 of them drink 3.2 cups of coffee each per day. K-Cups cost about $0.75 each. The math is simple:

10 people x 3.2 cups x $0.75 per cup x 5 days a week = $120 each week in K-Cups 

Ouch! you could save $3,224 a year on coffee! In addition, you should consider some of the problems associated with Keurig machines. If your company has any type of green initiative, there shouldn’t be a k-cup anywhere in your office.

Consider Your Customer

If you have customers visiting your office for any reason, you desperately need to stop brewing bad coffee. How often do you set that coffee cup down in front of them and say “sorry, this is all we have”. Put yourself in the customer’s place and consider the impression a good cup of coffee makes versus something you need to apologize for. Nothing says “we have it all together” like closing the deal with great coffee.

We’d Love To Help!

If you’re an office small or large, a car dealership, a design firm of advertising agency, or anyplace where your employees or customers enjoy coffee, why not consider giving them a nice “perk” and having some top notch office coffee? Compare the cost to any other benefit you can provide and I’m sure you’ll recognize it’s well worth a few employee smiles.

Our solutions for your office range from very small to very large. In addition to great coffee and equipment, we can provide:

  • Regular weekly shipments of über fresh coffee – roasted within 48 hours of when it ships
  • Free machine setup
  • Free annual machine maintenance
  • Manufacturer warranties on all equipment
  • All the other coffee things you need from one simple source – disposable cups, stir sticks, creamers, sugar and on and on and on.

Some of our Office Coffee Solutions