Coffee is our life blood. If you are anything like us, the people that makes the coffee, are super important. Coffee is a lot of work but has a lot of rewards. The people for starters. If you ever need a new coffee place to try out, head over to our friends, Tredwell Coffee in Aurora, IL. We had a chance to sit down with Chad and Andria who co-own this local treasure.

Tredwell Coffee opened its doors for business on May 4th 2018. Andi has spent more than 13 years in the coffee industry and Chad has been in the industry for about 8. The name developed out of a statement rather than a simple name. As a people, we only have one planet and one chance, so while we are here, we will Tredwell.

As a people, we only have one planet and one chance, so while we are here, we will Tredwell.

What makes Tredwell go above the rest? Quality of product and social responsibility are what makes Tredwell stand out. They started with the best local roasters and combine the best locally sourced products to create, not only the best cup of coffee but also the best experience. They locally source as much as possible. Their dairy comes from Illinois farms, the meats and cheeses come from southern Wisconsin farms and eggs are from local cage-free farms. They source their pastries from a local bakery and get their bread from a local bread maker. They use local businesses whenever possible to ensure that everyone is successful.


Looking to relax on a Friday? Tredwell has regular events, such as Aurora First Fridays’ and encourages local artists and musicians to come in for shows. They are starting up open mic night on Wednesdays and have plans for yoga/wellness classes this spring. They partner with many local charities, such as Mutual Ground or Aurora World Relief to raise funds. Also, they collaborate with local businesses to cross-promote their services. For example, a local burger joint (Gillerson’s Grubery) serves Tredwell’s coffee and they use their slow roasted carnitas for their famous Stolp Island Torta. Tredwell’s most popular drink besides their delicious drip coffee, its their latte or Americano that really bring the crowds in for that magical bean drink. The atmosphere of Tredwell is simple…all are welcome. They have purposefully designed the shop to be inviting and relaxed. They want everyone to feel like a regular and want all to know that they are here for you!

Tredwell Coffee is located at 14 W Downer Pl #18, Aurora, IL 60506 and are open Monday-Tuesday: 7AM- 5PM, Wednesday- Saturday: 7AM-7PM, and closed on Sunday.