Coffee is our lifeblood. If you’re anything like us, the people that make the coffee are super important. Coffee is a lot of work but has a lot of rewards, the people being one of the best rewards. This month, we’re highlighting our very own production queen, April!

April is married to her hubby of 24 years this month! They have three awesome sons and have lived in Geneva for a total of 12 years. April also does interior decor for her clients on days she’s not at FreshGround. Her day to day duties at the roaster are making great coffee for local customers that come to the shop and purchase coffee beans and pick up orders. She also fills coffee orders online for individual and wholesale customers and supervises Roasting schedules and shop inventory.

April’s path to FreshGround started twenty-three years ago when her husband and Eric played in a church band together. When asked about her favorite things about FGR she said the great boss, good customers, and her love of coffee made her job the best! April’s love of coffee is specifically focused on our Forte Espresso in an auto drip in the morning and espresso machine in the afternoon.

The impact that FreshGround has had on her understanding of coffee and the industry is that she’s learned so much about beans. Also how the freshness of the bean is so important along with the variations in roasting that are required for each type of bean and all the different brewing techniques. It all works together for the best tasting cup of coffee! Finally, April would tell someone who doesn’t know about FGR to come to visit us for the freshest cup of coffee you will find, our beans are roasted 3 times a week and every bag is less than a week out from roast date!