Office Coffee

Photo courtesy Sami Keinänen

OK – i get that businesses everywhere are trimming costs – health care, expenses, taxes, etc. It’s draining small businesses at an alarming rate. 401K matches are being cut or are gone. Employees are being asked to cover more (if not all) medical insurance. Some people haven’t seen raises in years. I’ve felt it myself.

If you are a small business owner – ask yourself – is stocking your office with really cheap coffee really moving the needle? If it costs you $20 a month more, or $50 a month more to get have GOOD coffee in your office, is that worth it?

And if you have a Keurig or another single-cup brewing system in your office, you could actually save money.

Call it a “Perk” (ha – see what I did there?)

Here’s an interesting article with some thoughts about coffee in the workplace. Give it some thought.