FreshGround Roasting’s passion is coffee. With that passion comes a drive to teach people about it’s magical caffeinated powers. However, there are so many different drinks that are deemed as coffee and in all honesty, can be intimidating. Every other Tuesday we like to do a segment called, ‘Know Your Drink’ where we feature popular (or some that are unknown) and explain them so when you are at the coffee shop next, you can know exactly what’s in your cup.

This week we are covering the cortado!

Did you ever walk into a specialty coffee shop, look at all those menu options, and have no idea what you were gonna get? Well, we’re gonna clear up the confusion.

A cortado is not a real popular drink on most coffee shop menus, but let me tell you what. If you walk into a shop and see it on the menu, you know they know what they’re talking about. It sits halfway between a macchiato and a cappuccino. So, you’re just adding a little bit more milk in there. A cortado is typically a Spanish drink. It’s really popular in Spain and Portugal. What you’re gonna get is one-and-a-half to two ounces of espresso cut with about another one-and-a-half, two ounces of steamed sweet milk. It’s a fantastic coffee drink. You get a lot of the coffee flavor to it, and just tones down some of the acidity of the espresso with that steamed milk.