Weather has been crazy lately. I spent Sunday afternoon in a parking lot in Winfield trapped in our truck with my family as a 90 mile an our winds and rain (some even say tornado) passed through. It’s somewhat disconcerting to tell your kids to put their seatbelts on because you think the vehicle is going to be flipped over by the wind.

Naturally, lots of trees down, lots of power out, lots of people with no AC, no food, no water, can’t flush. Not fun.

Yet, through all of that, people reach out to one another to bring a sense of “normalcy” back. Families sharing meals together, or a short escape to a friends air conditioning. Anything to get back to normal – even if it’s just for a few moments.

It reminded me of the story of Yoshi Masuda who used coffee to bring back normal after the tsunami in Japan. Can you change the world with coffee? No, but you can change the couple of lives close to you. That small bit of encouragement gave people the strength to carry on.

Have you been on either the giving or receiving end of something like this?