Caffeine Molecule

We get a TON of comments about the artwork on our wall at the roastery. It’s awesome. It’s a caffeine molecule. Krista gave it to me as a gift one year for my home office. Since then, it’s migrated to the more logical location at the roastery.

The best part is – for all you chemistry geeks out there – it’s molecular-ly (?) correct. Double bonds and everything.

Click the more link to meet the artist.

This particular piece was made by local artist (and lover of great coffee) Rita Grendze who actually does a whole lot of non-molecule related sculpture. I’d strongly recommend you check out her web site to see more of her work. If you’re in the area, visit Water Street Studios in Batavia, IL where Rita and a whole bunch of other amazingly talented artists work. It’s a fantastic way to spend an afternoon or evening.

Take a gander at some of her other work too – one of our favorites is an installation piece she did at Water Street called “Commodity, With Room“. In addition to what you see in the pictures there were speakers placed in the cups and people from all over the world – farmers, roasters (yours truly), baristas – talking about coffee.

Commodity, With Room books_sm