We take pride in our coffee – whether it’s the process of importing beans, roasting, brewing or sharing it with you. If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ve already heard incredible stories of transformation from places like Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea. You’ve heard how organizations are combatting a historically corrupt coffee trade and helping to change communities through educational, discipleship, medical, employment and agricultural initiatives. We believe that the steps from farm to cup are important, and we believe that yes, you can make a difference through your cup of coffee.

…and your cupcakes can make a difference, too.

We’ve been partnering with Courageous Bakery in Elmhurst, Illinois to provide great coffee to go alongside decadent cupcakes. While the cupcakes will definitely excite your taste buds, what’s more exciting is how Courageous Bakery (home of the Cupcakes for Courage mobile food truck) is making a difference.

“Cupcakes for Courage is the brain child of Kathryn and Laura Pekarik, two sisters that share the same passion for baking and want to share that passion with the world one cupcake at a time.”

Kathryn was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins T-cell Lymphoma in May of 2010 and later that year, a benefit was held in her honor to help defray the medical costs. Laura baked 250 cupcakes for the event, and they were such a hit that she began getting order requests after that. The business, Cupcakes for Courage, was opened first as a mobile food truck and then a permanent location, Courageous Bakery, was born. 

In keeping with the love, passion and committment to others that started this venture, Courageous Bakery gives back in amazing ways. Ten percent of the proceeds are donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the Ride Janie Ride Foundation. Other monetary donations as well as dessert donations are made to charitable organizations in the area. Courageous Bakery is also intentional about being an environmentally friendly business. 

Oh, and have we mentioned that their cupcakes and other baked goods are absolutely incredible?

So if you haven’t already, make sure to check out Courageous Bakery. The cupcakes (and coffee) are definitely worth the trip.

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